Read a wonderful story about the trip Mary and Susan took to Oregon. 
Written from the heart by Mary Walden. 
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We are heart broken. We are at a loss. We are still in shock.
On Sunday February 28th, one week after being diagnosed with cancer, our beautiful friend went to be with Jesus.

Shannon Barrow was our prayer leader, devoted to our Friday morning prayer group for Susan. Eventually our prayers turned to all those suffering, all those in need, and just recently to Shannon as she wasn't feeling well. Shannon was always full of life, and so darn funny! She deeply loved her husband Jim and their four daughters. In the past few years her family grew to include husbands to her daughters and grandchildren. She will be missed ~ she is missed already.
As many of you - I'm still struggling with the loss of sweet, funny, godly Shannon Barrow. There are many times throughout the day when I think of her, or Jim, or their daugthers... and burst out in tears. My sweet husband, Kyle, finds me sobbing, and knows why I'm crying. But I'm sure I'm not the only one.

On another note - if you didn't already know. Kyle and I moved to San Jose this week. Eleven years of living next to the wonderful Millsom's, through graduations, weddings, grandkids and many shared meals, Kyle and I needed to 'down-size' and felt a calling to live closer to our son, his wife and little 9 month old Maverick. So here we are, but don't be surprised to find me in San Diego. And I'll be attending prayer via Face Time.
September 2016

I just returned from a trip to Southern California. What a great time spending the night with The Millsom's. Not at all weird to see our old house next door, as we (Kyle and I) were very comfortable at Andy and Susan's. Drew graciously gave up her room for us, and it was all laughs and good food, as usual.

Susan is doing great - she was as tan as a white girl can be! She loves the sun and the beach and we got to hear all about her adventures in Kauai. Here is a familiar site to many of you while at her house in Poway.
March 2017

It is with a heavy heart that I update this post. A day that I honestly thought would never happen. Susan's MRI/MRS scan showed a less than favorable result. The tumor is showing activity and growth which needs to be addressed. The good news is there are plenty of options and new treatments available as this horrible cancer is becoming more understood. We'll do our best to keep you posted on the next step ~ your prayers are appreciated.

Drew called with the upsetting news, and she was calm and positive. She is with her Mom throughout the weekend, giving her great comfort . These two are best friends ~ two peas in a pod.

March 31 2017

Last night I had a chance to FaceTime with Susan. The news that surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday hit me hard. I broke out in tears and Susan comforted me, saying "it's alright ~ it's all good". Imagine that... Susan getting prepared to have brain surgery, a harsh treatment of Chemotherapy and Radiation, and she is telling me everything will be fine. So Susan. That's why she is my hero, my role model.

Now it's time to step up Team-Susan. I'll be rallying the troops so we all can get updates and information about Susan without interupting the Millsom Family. Our team is strong and as we move forward to do whatever we can, our God will not fail us.

I'll update the website as often as possible. I'm asking everyone to pray. Pray Hard.

Love to all - Diane
April 5, 2017

Yesterday was a difficult day for me with feelings of helplessness, fear and anxiety. I prayed constantly for Susan, but I guess I needed to pray for myself also. I went to bed praying and sometime in the middle of the night I was finally at peace with Susan's surgery today. I'm at total peace with giving everything to GOD. Thank you dear Lord for holding my hand. Now we put everything in your hands.
April 5, 2017 - Out of Surgery

Thank you Prayer Warriors - Thank you LORD - Thank you for giving the surgical team the focus and precision. Thank you Drew and Stephanie for constant faith for your Momma. And Thank You Susan for your amazing determination, belief, strength and willingness to give us all hope in miracles. You are loved by so many.
April 10, 2017 - Susan is HOME!
Our hero - and brave, brave woman. She has brain surgery in the morning, and is sending out Snap Chats that evening. Oh Susan - you amaze us with you spirit and smiles. Rest my dear. Brodie has his Momma home and you need rest. Pray for The Millsom's as this takes so much energy from their daily lives.
May 2017

Just returned from a quick trip to San Diego and time with Susan and Brodie! (Andy was working) I had so much fun, lots of laughs, good friends (thanks to the ladies that stopped by). Susan started her radiation and chemo treatment with determination and resolve. "Let's do this thing!"

We took a long walk on the beach, collecting rocks and sea glass. Aways a special time with sweet Susan.
June 2017

Our sweet Susan continues to amaze. Her beautiful soul is shining once again, spreading comfort to all that express sadness on her behalf. Does that make sense? What I mean to say is that when someone says to her in a sympathetic tone "Oh, I'm so sorry for you", Susan is quick to flash her smile and say "I'm okay, I'm doing this thing, it's all good". Amazing. Simply, Truly Amazing. Has everyone among us thought 'How would I handle it?' Of course we have. And Susan has set the bar.

Personally, I think she has a mighty fine melon, and should show it off. Why not?

Love you Sus!
September 2018

I haven't had an update about our sweet Susan in over a year. Why? Because other than her moving from Poway to Rancho Bernardo, and Drew getting married, which you all know by now... Susan is living her life! She's always on the go, traveling, shopping, laughing and having a heck of a time with her buddy Brody.

I was lucky enough to attend The Drew's wedding in June, and Susan was radiant. Her smile and sparkling eyes beamed of love and happiness for her family. The wedding was so much fun!

Continue to pray. Continue to believe in miracles.


October 2018

Five years ago as we sat in the waiting room while Susan was having brain surgery. The plan was to open up her skull to look inside her brain at the mystery mass from a scan. We thought it could be a benign cyst, possibly an infection, maybe Multiple Sclerosis but never, ever did we expect the doctor to tell us the worst news possible - Glioblastoma. The prognosis he laid in front of us was bleak. No hope. "Just give her quality of life these next few months", "Keep her comfortable". The most shocking words I've ever heard. Our world was just turned upside down.

Well, most of you know the story from there. An immediate outreach to The Millsom's family, friends and community commenced. Five years ago, Five years since. And through the grace of GOD, Susan's hard, relentless work and countless prayers ~ our Susan is celebrating life. Thank you all that have supported The Millsom Family. Continue to pray. Continue to believe in miracles.

October 2019

Six Years since that dreadful day and today we celebrate LIFE! Susan's LIFE! The new life of Baby Isaac, and all the goodness and gifts that GOD blesses us with. Miracles happen. Prayers from around the world have lifted our spirits and we give thanks to his almighty healing hands.

It has not been an easy path, and I'm continually amazed at the strength and beauty of our Susan. Her fight, her resistance, her love, family, faith and friends have all contributed to her journey. She's doing all the hard work, with our support of course, but it's all her. And she does it with grace.

Thank you to all that drive Susan to her Doctor, PT and Brain Institute appointments. I love you all! ~ Diane

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May 3, 2020

For the past two months we've all been staying home due to the Corona Virus - Covid 19. Our prayer group, know as the 'Little Band of Believers' continues to meet weekly on Zoom. It gives us a chance to see everyone, see Susan, get caught up for the week and pray for anyone that needs our prayers. We learned our dear friend Mary Walden is moving to Aiken, South Carolina. As much as it hurts to see her leave San Diego, we all understand that 'things change'. We love Mary and Steve, and wish them the very best on their next chapter. Keep them in your prayers as you continue to pray for Susan, her family and sweet Baby Cole.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and together we'll all get through this difficult time.
June 15, 2020

I don't know what to say.  I love Susan.  I love her family.
Susan was everyone's best friend.  We are blessed for all the gifts of love and kindness Susan gave to our lives.  For knowing her love, her spirit, her smile.  She never wanted any of this to be about her.  She never complained, she never questioned her faith and she never stopped sharing her love of life.  Let's continue our journey on earth with the lessons we've learned from Susan, and know she is watching over us.  Our Sweet Susan.
Thank you Andy, Stephanie and Drew for sharing Susan with us. 
Together we will get through this,