July 2016

Exploring Oregon with Terri
When I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013, I wasn't sure I would make my 48th birthday. God had other plans for me as my MRI's continued to show shrinkage and no new growth. We kept looking to the future and started working on plans for a 50th birthday celebration in Hawaii.
Drew finished her cosmetology program at Paul Mitchell August 11th and on August 14th we flew to Kauai for a week. We were joined by Andy's brother Mark and his girlfriend (Angel) Lisa and the Drews. We snorkeled, went on a Zodiac rafting trip, walked on the beach most mornings. One of my favorite parts were the beautiful rainbows and brilliant sunsets every night, it was truly an amazing trip. Sadly Stephanie and Joey were unable to join us because of school and jobs. They were greatly missed. We are very proud of both of them.
Kauai ~ August 2016
There are still times when I feel challenged by what I canít do, I know this is worldly and selfish. But if I'm being truthful, 99% of the time I am so grateful and over the moon excited for everything my body can do and every day that I'm alive. Thank you, I feel your prayers and they help.

On September 18th I will have another MRI. Daily we pray for another clear scan. God has walked with us through our lives, especially the last three years. God  ~ you are here with us, we are nothing without you, we praise you Lord.
I had an MRI last week and the results were fabulous, wonderful and freaking fantastic. So over-the-top,jumping up-and-down, thrilled and grateful that my MRIs continue to be clear. So much hope, so much joy.

We packed up Drew and drove to San Jose to have a girls weekend with Terri. On the way we made a pitstop to see Kyle and Diane in their new home. Diane joined us for lunch and a movie on Sunday. On Monday, Drew and I drove up to Portland, OR where she will start her new life. Andy is going to fly up and spend two days with us before we go home to start our new life.

We continue to be amazed by Gods grace. We are so happy to be moving forward without fear.

Lots and lots of love,

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July 2016
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