First, as you have read my MRI results last month were fabulous. My doctors are all very pleased. One of them said he is "cautiously optimistic”. I WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTLY OPTIMISTIC. We continue to thank God daily for his provision over us. ALL OF US!
      More Good news I just talked to the doctor and I get to start chemo on Saturday, one step closer.
      I want to recap the last couple months of fun stuff we have been doing. In March Andy and I flew up to Eugene to bring Drew home. We packed up a van, and then Andy drove it home while Drew and I took 10 days to drive down the coast. What a beautiful and diverse state we live in.
      In June we went back up to Eugene for Drew's graduation. We spent the week before in the Redmond and Bend area with the Muscatels, boyfriend Drew’s parents. What beautiful people they are to share their condo with us. There was a revolving door one person would leave three would come, two would leave and four would come. We had such a wonderful time. We finished the trip in Eugene celebrating Drew's graduation. We are so proud of her.
      Then a week and a half later Andy had business in Seattle, I had never been so Drew and I joined him. While Andy worked Drew and I walked the city, So much fun, so much to see.
      For my nephews birthday, Stephanie, Drew and I took him to Legoland, and I got to ride a roller coaster. Something I didn't think I was going to get to do again. I can never say it too much we are truly blessed.
      Captain Diane’s grandson Maverick was born July 13th, 8 weeks early at 3.8 pounds. Mom and Baby are healthy. Please add Heather, Maverick and Ronny in your prayers.
      Again, again, again thank you so much for prayers, support and love we have so much to look forward to.

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